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Price reductions on discontinued styles

Price reductions on

Discontinued styles


We will be offering a selection of discontinued styles from our archives. Like always, 100% Waterproof, breathable and recycled.


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The fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting industries. 27% of every garment produced never reaches the customer. The industry gambles on what everyone «wants» 6-12 months in advance. And almost 3 out of 5 garments produced end up in a dumpster within 1 year.

We find that disturbing!

We will in the next 12 months introduce various initiatives to battle overproduction – ensuring that every garment we make reaches the end-user.

The concept of Mottainai, the art of not being wasteful, has encouraged us to decrease the depth of our ready-to-wear collection. By offering a large selection of customisable styles – only available by pre-order – we hope to contribute to the reduction of waste in the clothing industry.

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