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Kingsize Okada





From May 10th – May 18th we’ll offer you the chance of ordering a limited edition version of the new unisex style; The Kingsize Okada. Only 6 pcs of the ‘Remington Key’s’ and 39 pcs of the ‘lightweight pinstripe grey‘ will be made worldwide. Delivered to your door within 8 weeks.


The concept of Mottainai, the art of not being wasteful, has encouraged us to decrease the depth of our collection in our ready-to-wear offerings. By shifting towards a model where more garments are made to order (pre-sold) we hope to contribute to the reduction of waste in the clothing industry.

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Kingsize Okada
Lightweight Pinstripe Grey
Kingsize Okada
Remington Keys

"27% of every garment produced never reaches the customer."


The fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting industries. The main reason for this is quite simply overproduction and fast fashion’s production of poor quality garments. 27% of every garment produced never reaches the customer. The industry gambles on what everyone wants 6-12 months in advance. And almost 3 out of 5 garments produced ends up in a dumpster within 1 year. We find that disturbing!

From today, we at Norwegian Rain are changing ways of designing, producing and selling our line. We will in the next 12 months try out novel ways to battle overproduction – ensuring that every garment we make reaches the end-user.


Who’s in with us?
Alex & T

State of the art rainwear technology
meets high end tailoring

Every Norwegian Rain
garment is 100% waterproof
and made from recycled materials.

100% waterproof


All Norwegian Rain products are made with the highest level of 
weather protection available. The extreme water column and repellant outer shell coupled with the optimal breathability, makes it a perfect match or all conditions.

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Our technical fabrics are made of waste​

Recycled polyester

Sustainably produced

Reduce, reuse, repair, ReCYCLE

Further on, 95% of this are Bluesign certified – which guarantees that harmful substances are eliminated, natural resources are managed responsibly, water, air emissions and wastewater are continuously being reduced and those actions in general supports a lowest possible ecological footprint and safety for people involved.

Eco Commitment

Since the start 10 years ago, Norwegian Rain has been commited to sourcing the most sustainable production methods available, and it will always be our first periority in the moves we make. Read our full Eco Statement for a full overview of the actions we take.