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13 years ago, our paths crossed. We decided to focus our energy on one simple idea:

The raincoat.
100% waterproof. Breathable. Recycled. And stylish.

Living in Bergen, the rainiest city of Europe where it rains 2 out of 3 days, calls for drastic sartorial decisions. We made the call.

Based on traditional tailoring techniques, ‘Japanese sensibilities’ and high tech innovative solutions, we birthed Norwegian Rain.

We’ve thought about everything, so you don’t have to. Your decision is solely to choose your award winning raincoat based on the style that closely reflects your state of mind.

–Alexander & T-Michael

A sartorial take on 100% waterproof outerwear inspired by Japanese sensibility & life in the rainiest city of Europe – Bergen.

“Ever since embarking on this Norwegian Rain journey and even before that – Alexander and I have always had this affinity towards Japan. It was poetic and very fitting that our first ever order was from a major shop in Tokyo! Of whom we might add is still stocking Norwegian Rain”.

This rain project has evolved into an award-winning designer label based on the concept of dugnad*.

Heading the way is the duo: T-Michael, known for his conceptual approach to his handcraft, and Alexander Helle – a business graduate and functionalist. Together they founded Norwegian Rain brought to life  through collabs between local expertise from the creative scene of Bergen.

Founder and creative director Alexander Helle is born and raised in Bergen, a city on the west coast of Norway known for its heavy rain, underground music scene and the encapsulating 7 mountains that bring wild nature all the way into the city streets. Living in Bergen means a life in rain. You can hate it or love it, but no matter how you approach it, one thing is certain: It will rain tomorrow. Or the day after. 2 out of 3 days.

It was however a sojourn in Milan that initiated the inspirational idea of merging tradition, technology and style. With dry living as motivation, he went home to join forces with local expertise. When Ghanaian born T-Michael came onboard as co-owner, head designer and chief strategist the project materialized. Michael’s 24 years of tailoring experience as owner and creative director of his eponymous label T-MICHAEL, balanced Alex’s degree in Master of Business and brought depth to ideas. A versatile duo full of contrasts was born.

Drop by drop, the rain project evolved into an award winning label. Now available through their 4 flagships in Paris, Tokyo, Oslo and Bergen, and in 12 countries through carefully selected multi-brand stores.

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