Bergen Flagship

Chr. Michelsensgate 1, 5012 Bergen

+47 450 18 787

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 12:00-17:00
Saturday 12:00-16:00

Flagship and design studio

At Piazza Tårn or Tårnplass by locals, you’ll find our flagship and design studio on the corner – up one street from Torgallmenningen – in the middle of the center. 

230 m2 filled with quirky object d’arts, mid-century Scandi furniture mixed with Norwegian iconics still in production thanks to Fjordfiesta Furniture. T-Michael’s unique universe of sumptuous shirts, sharp suits and leather goods and of course the full range of Norwegian Rain’s garments, hats, bags, shoes and more. 

It is also here the designs are born, the tailoring studio of T-Michael is located in the basement. You’re all welcome to take a look.