Paris Flagship

Ruelle sourdis, Paris


Phone: +33 (0)6 65 71 27 07

Opening hours:
Tues-SAT 12:00-19:00

Welcome to our store
and showroom in Paris

Nestled in the heart of The Marais, located in between Rue Charlot and Rue des Archives in an atelier of a Hotel Particulier. “La Ruelle Sourdis” is not an ordinary store. It’s a house. Housing a boutique filled with function by Norwegian Rain, and the conceptual tailoring universe by T-Michael. Flanked by Norwegian furniture and artefacts, guest projects in the cross section between art, culture and well, all things we cannot put into a box. We’re open minded. We hope you share that state of mind. Welcome in for a chat. We’d be blessed to see you.

How to get there?

You will find us at Ruelle Sourdis, just round the corner from Rue Charlot. Entrance via a black gate between 15-17 Rue Pastourelle. This special private street dates back 400 years. Our neighbours and ourselves would like to keep the serene beauty and the tidy tranquility of this wonderful cul de sac. So please keep your sound level to a minimum when walking through, and indulge the authentic Parisan atmosphere.