Tokyo Flagship

1-12-6 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-Ku

+81 33 52 71 766

Opening hours:
Monday-Wednesday 11:00-20:00
Thursday-Saturday 12:00-22:00
Sunday 11:00-18:00

Finally a home in Tokyo

For 3 years, we searched for a place to call our home in Tokyo.

We wanted an atmospheric local area that was rich in history and a house to match. Here at Kanda Sudacho, we found a beautiful house from 1940, one of the few that withstood the WW2, and renovated it. We kept some of the old fittings to create old memories and added newer elements for new memories.
It’s Norway meets Japan with audio and visual accents from Ghana.

The shop carries the whole range of both Norwegian Rain and T-Michael collections – flanked by the some of the most celebrated, Norwegian furniture gems from the 50s and 60s to now – all made by Fjordfiesta and Eikund.

If you’re timing your visit well, you might even get the hold of special items from the Norwegian design history – from rare vases to whisky glasses – mostly made in Norway. Sven Ivar Dysthe // Fredrik Kayser // Torbjørn Afdal // Andersen & Voll // Hadeland // Bareksten // Lars Tornøe // Torbjørn Bekken

(Please don’t mention the hidden bar overlooking the Karensansui on the 2nd floor. )

How to get there?

Take the:

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (Red) to Awajicho Station (M19)

Toei Metro Shinjuku Line (Leaf green) to Ogawamachi Station (S07).

Tokyo metro Ginza Line ( Orange ) to Kanda (G13)

JR Yamanote Line  to Kanda station & Akihabara station