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1. Try out our STYLES in the hotel lobby

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Why changing how clothes are purchased?

The fashion industry is considered the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Almost 1/3 of every produced garment never finds a buyer. The Barcelona Compact Store is a pilot project where we, together with you, are reducing overproduction by changing the way clothing is made and sold. With your mobile device you can interact directly with the factory and produce just that one coat you want – and get it within 6 weeks. That waiting time is a little price to pay for a better planet. If your desired coat is already produced we will get it to you within 3 days.

About Norwegian Rain

In the rainiest city of Europe, Bergen, you’ll find the award winning brand; Norwegian Rain. We fuse traditional tailoring with innovative fabrics, clever detailing and Japanese sensibilities to create stylistic, utilitarian and 100% waterproof raincoats and accessories. The high-tech is hidden.

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All Norwegian Rain products conceal the highest level of weather protection available.

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